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The Universe Inside

by The Dream Syndicate

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morecowbell17 thumbnail
morecowbell17 Mind expanding experience, set in motion by the trippy magnum opus The Regulator. This band keeps finding exciting new avenues. Favorite track: The Regulator.
J. Parrack
J. Parrack thumbnail
J. Parrack I bought it for the sweet cover, and then this album guided me through a 102 degree fever like a champ ....very essential medicine Favorite track: The Regulator.
Levrikon thumbnail
Levrikon Dream Syndicate used to be a rough, noisy 'rock' band in the '80s, like Dylan fronting the Velvet Underground. 40 years later, The Universe Inside is... something else. Psychedelic in the purest sense of the word, it's 5 massive, wild, jazz/prog epics. I don't think I've ever heard anything like it before and I think it's going to to take a long time to digest the whole thing. Favorite track: The Regulator.
Bart Furp
Bart Furp thumbnail
Bart Furp I never used to like this band.

I still don't.
Eric Miller
Eric Miller thumbnail
Eric Miller Love this record. Steve was right- it’s not your father’s Dream Syndicate.
Erik Anderson
Erik Anderson thumbnail
Erik Anderson This is going to take several listens to grasp all that's going on here, but I am seriously digging what I hear so far. Favorite track: Dusting Off The Rust.
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Have you heard? The scarcity of the soul Blown fuses For the regulator Songs and sounds that soothe the savage soul The regulator Have you heard? The altar boys dusting off the rust Closer to the sun For the regulator Have you heard? The scarcity of the soul Blown fuses The regulator Calendar boys dusting off the rust The scarcity of the soul Blown fuses For the regulator Have you heard? Have you heard?
The Longing 07:36
All that’s left now from before Is the final twitch and spasm Like it happened long ago Distant across the chasm You think you know where it’s at The longing is stronger than that All that’s left is the longing You felt invincible Anything was possible Now all that’s left is the longing Sleepless for days and days Decisions and communiques Ruthless, unsettled And alone The harder you try to fix it Eliminate, deep 6 it All that’s left is the longing You think you know where it’s at The longing is stronger than that All that’s left is the longing You felt invincible Anything was possible Now all that’s left is the longing.
Ballerina sunset against the sky Crimson tinted Sunday slide Underneath the overpass above the drain That sluices and dithers on override What were you expecting What did you recall Apropos of nothing Chain reaction before the fall. Customized detailed decked out and loaded Subliminal flashing incandescent dream Read between the lines to pass the time I’ll be there waiting when your light turns green You know and I know the bells that toll Are just Pavlovian entropy Orientation is so overrated My sideways, reversible calligraphy
PART ONE I can hear those ringing bells again Carefully I check to see if I’m awake A formless mass that would not hold its form A crucial deviation from the norm To think I once would have welcomed In delight, this chaos that flickers in the night And I’m a passive audience at best Sentient and awake, for that I’m blessed Words and thoughts that once were my stock in trade Are strewn about like broken toys, mislaid Melodies and remedies and kindly advice I put them where I’ll find them when the time is right A flash of light illuminates and gives me chills Maybe I’m just a stand in for some greater ills Maybe someone’s pulling at my strings I reach above my head and don’t feel a thing I claw and thrash and rip and tear the scenery That only I and nobody else can see. Mocked by something just beyond my reach On a silent, barren, darkening empty beach. They say that newborns experience their scenes Like psilocybin lysergic psychedelic dreams So, just like them I’m ready to be born again Who can say for sure, who can say just when I close my eyes, I know that I’ll soon sleep The waking hours and questions slowly seep Into one another, in my mind they smother The tenuous reality, sneaking up on me. I can hear those bells again PART TWO A descending ending An ascending of the saint I will wrangle and wrestle Until suddenly it all feels the same Count the irregular heartbeat But the same dreams keep hanging on Call on the zombie damage But the same dream comes undone I am the derelict conductor Of the broken symphony I’m the amateur director On a badly lit mystery Keep moving the pieces Keep shuffling the deck Keep singing the chorus Of the slowest rendition


released April 10, 2020

Produced by John Agnello, Adrian Olsen and The Dream Syndicate

Recorded by John Agnello and Adrian Olsen at Montrose Recording (Richmond, VA)

Mixed by Adrian Olsen at Montrose Recording except “The Slowest Rendition” which was mixed by John Agnello at Kaleidoscope Sound (Union City, NJ)

Mastered by Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound

Music written and performed by Steve Wynn, Jason Victor, Chris Cacavas, Mark Walton, Dennis Duck and Stephen McCarthy.

Lyrics by Steve Wynn

The Dream Syndicate is:

Steve Wynn - lead vocals, guitar, harmonica
Jason Victor - guitar
Chris Cacavas - keyboards
Mark Walton - bass guitar
Dennis Duck - drums

Special guests: Stephen McCarthy (electric sitar, guitar, six-string bass, pedal steel, backing vocals)

Marcus Tenney (saxophone, trumpet)
Johnny Hott (percussion)

Original artwork: Alex Aliume

Art Direction: Steve Wynn
Layout: Trevor Hernandez

Legal Representation: Josh Grier and
Jaime Herman at Sloss Law (NYC)

Booking: Andrew Colvin at WME (North America)
Bas Flesseman at Belmont Bookings (Europe)


all rights reserved



The Dream Syndicate Los Angeles, California


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